You’re ready to pull up your sleeves and get unstuck?

These sessions will help you find clarity in your brand, overlap the personal and professional experience of you to amplify your brand experience in an authentic way. At the same time, it lays the groundwork for future growth, and is poised to grow with you as you move your business forward.

These sessions include :

A series of 4 one-on-one consulting sessions (1 hour) via skype/hangouts or in person if you’re in Toulouse! with exercises, over six weeks.

Before our session, you’ll be sent a comprehensive questionnaire.


  • Identifying your personal passions.
  • Defining your unique brand personality.
  • Defining your brand’s tone and voice.
  • Blending the personal qualities that make you, you (personal), with the (professional) business you are running.
  • Catching your dream customer.
  • Engaging your brand online and in your community.

Plus creative think tank exercises:


Creative think tanks are to adults, what toy stores are to kids.


  • Worksheets, exercises, questionnaires, and creative think tank homework to be completed between sessions.
  • Brand identity moodboard.

*Note:A limited number of consulting slots are available per month.
This package does not included : A Logo Design, Business Card & Brand Style Guide, complete with best practices and guidelines.

Whoo! That’s 6 hours of Rachael time.

In exchange, your investment: 500 dollars or euros.

Okay! I’m ready to get focus and request my session.

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