Connecting people with your brands

Personal Branding (Foundation) Sessions

PERFECT FOR: my dream client’s list or an aspiring-to-be entrepreneur.
You have a great business idea or are already open-and-working; however, you feel you lack focus and direction.

  • You feel lost in translations because you haven’t been able to find your authentic voice nor finding the right words to say what you do.
  • You’re struggling to identify your audience, and how you can serve them.
  • You want to establish yourself as an expert and to start catching dream clients
  • You have so many GOOD ideas; however, you feel STUCK.

Ready to get unstuck?

Then this sessions is made for you to find clarity in your brand, overlap the personal and professional experience of you to amplify your brand experience in an authentic way.

The kinds of thing we will tackle together (our creative think tank):

  1. Identifying and defining your personal brand
  2. Blending the personal with the professional
  3. Catching your dream customer

Strategic Planning:

I help you envision a desired future and translate this vision into goals and a sequence of steps to achieve them.

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Pick my brain sessions (Brand Audit):

Ready to get unstuck, get over being overwhelmed and get inspired?
You’re working hard building and growing your business and you need a second set of eyes to help provide additional feedback and support on anything you might need.

You’re looking for guidance/clarity or maybe you just wanna know how to get things done.

You’re in the right place!

Pick my brain is a custom consulting package: a complete brand experience audit, product, service or other specific focused evaluation of your content for bloggers, global entrepreneurs and businesses.
The kinds of thing we can tackle together (our creative think tank):

  • My thoughts on strategy or design for your new startup/business/idea
  • Developing effective and doable marketing strategies.
  • Creating manageable editorial calendars.
  • Planning strategic growth on a timeline that makes the most sense to you.
  • Business brainstorming and ideation

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Here's how can I help you!

I have 18+ years of professional experiences in: