Ever since I was a kid I loved treasure hunts (way into my forties still do), trying to find hidden articles, locations, places by using a series of clues or solving puzzles and riddles. Whenever I go into a boutique, store or restaurant, I feel as though I’m jumping into a treasure hunt game.
A game of discovering and following different clues.
I look at the walls, the ceiling, the floor, the decor, the people filling up space and at times I even eavesdrop (that’s what Sherlock Holmes would do). When …

Maybe this is you?

The other day I met an American expatriate entrepreneur in Toulouse. To keep her name anonymous, let’s call her Jessica. Jessica and I were the only two in a mini-workshop on French accounting.

At the end of the sessions follow by a brief introduction, I learnt that she has been living and working for three now, in Toulouse. I was eager to know more about her. I asked her “THE” question, ”What do you do?”.

Awakened this morning by my alarm clock set to a French radio station, as it’s programmed to do every morning, I usually take a couple of minutes before I start my day.

As I’m lying in my bed, on the radio they talked about Google: how they changed its algorithm (on the 21st of April 2015) once again (DADADA DAAA BOOM).
Now it’s time for me to get out of bed.

Inside of me I started to giggle: why?

Who hide behind Ardephwerk Rachael Hampton.

Hi there, I’m Rachael Hampton.

Yes that’s me in the photo above: busting my natural afro in nature with my sidekick Luna ;D.

creative brand strategist, designer and web developper consultant base in Toulouse, France

I am a eco-friendly creative brand strategist, designer, web developper, and Instructor.
I moved from the USA to France in 1999..

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