Does this sound familiar ?

Imagine you’re at an event, could be a conference, your industry fair, a local networking group, a public speaking event or you’re in an elevator with a potential client.

You give your spiel and hand over you business card; however, NO follow up question, NO compliments??
You’re secretly hoping that they will need your services or pass on your contact information to someone who does.

After effect: You get a nice polite smile while their eyes are roaming the room to find their exit (that’s from you).

Suddenly a person comes over and introduces themselves in a clear and inviting way. As this person passes out their business card, you hear a wow, then a second wow, and a third wow.

You’re thinking, “not bad SHOW OFF”.

Everyone is engaged in a woo session (questions and answers) about that person—what they do—how they can help them.

You have a sunken feeling and can’t help to be envious of MS/MR. SHOW OFF.
You think:

“I’ve got the ideas, but why am I struggling to make them work!“.

So you wait until you can get MS/MR. SHOW OFF alone to pick their brain, so you can get some tips on how to move forward in your business.

You’ve been going around trying to piece together different advice about getting new clients, wasting time on Facebook tricks, designing DIY (Do it yourself) your logo and website.

Thought of a brand identity makes you want to stab yourself in the eyeball with a pen. You’re tired of wasting time and you want clients to start rolling in. You want results. You wish you could be MS/MR SHOW OFF.

Guess what?

I’m MS. SHOW OFF, when I give my spiel, I get the surprise reactions (wows) in order to get the results I want. Now don’t me call arrogant, I’m just up on my game. That’s the branding game, and I can help you level up on your business game too!

Like you, I’m multi-passionate entrepreneur who can’t be described by checking off one box.

rachael-hampton-2013-1I’m Rachael Hampton, the face behind Ardephwerk and my passion is helping driven global entrepreneurs and businesses to get their messages and missions out in the world.

I’m an independant consultant based in France and I speak fluent French and English. I have over 18 years’ experience and am known for my expertise in the fields of visual communications, branding, brand imaging, business visioning, strategic marketing, technical (web development) and event organization.

I created Ardephwerk design agency in Paris, France in 2003. Over the last twelve years, I have combined my solid background of academic and professional training, technical knowledge, cross-cultural experience and a passion for listening, to understand who my clients really are and how they can meet their dream clients’ needs.

I’m a speaker and trainer for corporate continuing education programs in branding, marketing strategy and design in Paris, Toulouse and Nantes.

I love what I do and what I’ve grown in to do, if I had a time machine I wouldn’t go back and change a thing.

For me Branding is like life. It’s a continuous growth.

I believe that branding is like life, it’s all about continuous growth because life is fluid and ever changing. There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck and not knowing where you want to go.

So, I know why you’re here. You’re feeling overwhelmed—stuck, you want
your business and life to thrive:

  • You want to spread a message.
  • You realized that image does matter.
  • You need someone to breathe life into your ideas and help you realise your dreams.
  • You’re ready to stop wasting time and are committed to going PRO.
  • You want to create objectives and develop marketing solutions that generate measurable results.
  • You feel a REBRAND can ignite your soul, your business and your community.
  • You’re ready to level up your business game, be audacious to become a brand that dares and shows off.

I help my clients to design their business the way they want it to be.

My goal is to add more value to your image by creating compelling designs, marketing materials (using sustainable, green practices) for my clients who want to build sustainable, profitable businesses, online and in their community.

I design and develop, strategize and coach global entrepreneurs and businesses to their next level of success.

Are you ready for your business to become MR/MS SHOW OFF?

Learn more about how to work with me, and if it’s right for you here >>

I work with (my dream clients):

  • Associations & Non-profit organizations
  • Breeders & Pet businesses
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Copywriters
  • Creative Entrepreneurs
    (e.g. Photographers,Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Designers, Stylists, Floral Designers, Actors, Artists, Writers, Dancers, Dance therapists,Yoga Instructor, Jewellery Designer, Art Managers, Makers(DIY)…)
  • Educational Institutions
  • Events & Tourism
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Health & Well-being (Wellness) businesses
  • Landscaping, Outdoor Living, and Gardening businesses
  • Music Industry (Musicians, Singer, Band & Music Schools)
  • … And Aspiring-to-be’s !

Learn more about how to work with me, and if it’s right for you here >>

More about me? Alrighttt then…

What do I look like on paper?

If you would like to know more about my professional background.
Please see my CV – resumé website click here.
I created my personal brand into a resumé website. Here’s what I’ve done: Photography (photoshoot by me of me), logo design, web design and development.

Go check it out:

Here are four ways we can work together: